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Sweat Slimming Belt
An icy cold cream reduces cellulite from the most commonly affected areas like thighs, buttocks, and belly, reshaping silhouette and improving skin elasticity and firmness. The natural herbal extracts work on cellulite burning for almost 24 hours. Improved blood circulation by the cooling effect of herbal extracts like Mint and Cinnamon, therefore shrinks cellulite to firm the skin. Further, Jojoba and Vitamin E are used as skin softening, moisturizing and conditioning ingredients.  Results proved a visible reduction in fat tissues from the skin by shrinking skin’s thickness and volume by 2.5 centimeters by regular massage for 2 months, revealing firmer and toned area. Directions: Massage the cream upwards and in a circular motion with firm pressure on affected areas. A slight tingling sensation is normal due to the slimming herbal extracts. Use twice a day for an instant result. TIP: Apply it on targeted areas before working out for an extra sweat much effectively burning the fat cells.   NO PARABEN, MINERAL OIL, SILICON 90% of ingredient are of natural origin.